Volvo Penta FH4 Duoprop Stainless Steel Propeller Set 3885840 View larger

Volvo Penta FH4 Duoprop Stainless Steel Propeller Set 3885840

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Volvo Penta Type FH4 Helical Spline Duoprop Propeller kit for DPS-B Outdrives. (3885840)

Volvo's DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) outdrive is designed to help maintain position in choppy water and provides refined movement.

The set includes one front propeller (3885850) and one rear propeller (3885851) commonly found on newer DPS drives.

The stainless steel option is for high performance gasoline and diesel engines with DPS-B drive. Only FH and IH series propellers have the helical splines. The FH propeller is designed to transfer all thrust from the propeller to the main body of bushing. This ensures that the propeller cannot walk forward on the bushing. The propellers are electrically insulated from the drive to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Note! Because of the FH Helical Spline, you cannot mix F series propellers with FH series on the same drive. For twin installations use only the same propellers. For all engines with speeds in excess of 38 knots, the stainless steel Type F or FH propeller should be used.

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